Here goes everything

My husband

Watch as the world I knew passes away,
I've traded it all just to stay.

He waits just outside my walls, too late,
he's been allowed inside.

Look what it took to open your eyes,
see the beauty before it dies.

Here goes everything,
I let out a breath as I take my first step.

Trusting in something I've never had the heart to believe,
yet I would touch the moon if he asked it of me.

Trading in the ghosts and shadows for light and stars,
sweet kisses like rainbows.

Am I the same girl I used to know,
sometimes I don't think so.

Look in the mirror and someone else stares back at me,
is she who he sees?

I've got a lot further to go but its better than where I was,
least now I can breathe on my own.

Here goes everything, all that I once laid claim to,
it means nothing when his hand holds mine.

I'm not alone anymore,
I've found my way through that door.

Sometimes I get lost but I won't stop fighting,
not when I know he's home waiting.

So this is my new beginning,
this is me taking the next step,
my second chance.

Here goes everything,
remember to breathe, I can do this,
I can become who I know I can be.

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