Where I belong

My husband

Looking in my eyes,
holding onto me as pieces fall into place.

Came back to life only to lose what I fought for so long,
all I made myself become.

I'm not like you, when it all is destroyed,
what gets left behind?

What is left of the life I led,
that may not be easy but was never a lie.

Shine for one last time, my faceless prince,
I just have to let this die, kill what remains inside.

When you find you're going around in circles,
do you keep going or do you stop?

When something has to give,
what do you choose?

To stay and accept the risk,
or leave and accept the emptiness that decision brings?
Which is the better option?

Out of my world and into his,
see all the lights and signs,
nothing I recognize.

Miles to go before I sleep,
restless souls wandering,
he's everything to me.

Darkness sings a mournful tune,
the sun's setting soon.

Back to my empty space, alone in a quiet room,
only his voice is getting through, at peace in solitude.

Months ago I had a sturdy foundation,
built on lies and blind emotion.

He came into my life, walked into my hell,
everything I thought I knew and understood turned to ash before my eyes.

I built something from nothing, thinking it would hold,
that no one would look close enough to see the gaps and holes.

Now, with him, I've started to create something new,
stronger, without hasty walls.

Going through the motions,
hollow truths with justified reasons,
all the while feeling the coldness of the dark.

Midnight has surrounded what once was heaven,
turning it into a barren land.

Ice freezes over what burned not so long ago,
what once was threatens to die, only to be saved by light's first kiss.

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