A dreamer's dream


I close my eyes,
pray for dreamless sleep,
though I know I will wake gasping.

Try to hold onto my fragile memories,
a young girl with golden brown eyes,
cuddled on my lap, her laugh in my ears.

Another face, same eyes,
they see deep into my heart,
where I wish he wouldn't go.

He is my reflection in a two-way mirror,
my Angel of Pain, my enemy,
my best friend.

A soft female voice fills my head,
a smile graces still lips,
she's my goddess, my lovely.

Her love is one I cherish,
her secrets I guard, her tears I dry,
her heart I want to heal.

I wish I could hold her,
just once and let her see what I do,
that she's perfect just as she is.

I feel the brush of a hand through my hair,
recognize the touch of my guardian,
ever present, he always knows when I need comfort.

An arm wraps around my waist,
a kiss on my neck, a content sigh,
somehow my Angel knows when I'm lost.

Darkness is not on my mind anymore,
my heartache has gone,
at peace in my Angel's arms,
with him I'm home, with him I'm one.

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i like it a lot

i like it a lot