Hold on


Skeleton fingers grasp my arm as a broken form sinks into hell,
do you expect me to save you?

Looking you in the eye, I see the despair,
the trembling soul fighting to survive.

You seek comfort, solace, you find me,
claw at my bloody wings,
cry and scream.

What do you want from me,
I can't give you everything,
you aren't mine to keep.

You say I can't lie to you.
maybe it's true,
haven't really tried,
never saw the need to.

Took years to make you accept me,
make you see that you weren't alone,
a never-ending battle I'll always fight.

You were made to make it hurt,
make it burn, make the righteous plead for mercy.

Say you don't want to sink into the darkness,
I won't let you fall, won't let the emptiness drag you down.

Two of a kind, last of a dead race,
I won't leave you behind,
no matter the cost to me.

Take my hand, I'll pull you away to safety,
listen to my voice when you can hear nothing else,
let my love be your light to find your way back.

I'll stay by your side, through the worst agony,
just to remind you it's not all you can feel.

Close your eyes, don't let the demons in,
trust me, I'm your friend.

Cursed to walk alone,
knowing only pain, I'll give you comfort,
anything to make you smile again.

I don't mind if you ramble,
if you swear and turn cold.

I know what lies behind each mask,
know what makes you tick,
know answers you don't,
I know what you've become.

I'll save you if you let me,
look in my heart and know I speak the truth.

I believe in you,
don't let go, just keep holding on,
we'll make it through.

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Something New

Nice Job, it got me as soon as you started, really good stuff ! 

KemistryKia ")