Black & Blue

Parts of me

Everything I do,
all I've tried to build starts to break down.

I tried to save so many,
wings torn and bloody,
they weren't strong enough to carry me too.

Say I'm dead to you,
another slash upon white wings stained with red,
that's alright, I'll be the happy one in the end.

We've played this game,
I'm not meant to win,
take a roll of the dice,
move your piece ahead of mine.

Your anger, is it justified,
does it make you feel better that I didn't care enough to cry,
to even want to fix this as it breaks.

Take your shots at me,
I smile, even though the agony fights to consume,
the darkness won't take over, I'm the Queen of the damned.

The sky thunders, lightning illuminates the falling night,
my time to wander the world draws near.

So many charges, broken souls I hold close to my heart,
try my best to dry their tears, soothe their hurt,
be what no one's been before.

Take away their pain, lock it deep inside,
they're too beautiful to die,
I'll bring them back to life.

I bear my cross with dignity,
cold hard determination,
won't let anything break me.

My wings are stained with innocent blood,
scars that will never quite heal,
my body bruised from saving them from falling off the ledge,
saving them from what I know lies ahead.

I'll be the death of you,
take your last breath, it'll be over soon.

Take only what you need, take my heart, make it bleed,
I can pick up the pieces of yesterday,
so long as you have tomorrow,
I'll continue to hurt, till my soul is black and blue.

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