I talked to you today,
laughed and was at ease,
I'm okay with being your friend,
yeah it's fine with me.

I don't miss you,
don't feel my heart start to break,
don't want to reach for you,
when you turn away.

I don't want to kiss your hand,
when you touch my hair.

I don't want to sit in your lap,
the way I once did,
you always sheltered me.

I don't need this dream of you,
don't need your warming comfort.

I don't want to look back,
stay in the dark where you find me,
no, I don't need your misguiding light.

You say you're always here,
I don't feel you, don't see you by my side,
a constant shadow that catches my eye.

I tell myself I'm fine without you,
tell myself it's the truth,
I try to believe it but it's a lie,
I'll never be immune to you.

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i like it cuz it explains how

i like it cuz it explains how u feel. to me its like your saying u want to b over him but u rnt.

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was liking it till the last

was liking it till the last few words ...... :(