Nightmare's kiss

My husband

Lying beside you, your arm around my wiast,
miles away in my own mind,
I recognize the dark's sweet taste.

Softly sing you to sleep,
wishing I knew how to stay,
let the ghosts linger, souls I don't want to reap.

Nightmares in my mind won't let me rest,
I can't tell you what I dream,
protecting you from what I've seen,
this is for the best.

My facade fails, mask slips,
my careful control breaks,
my wings start to bleed to black.

I can't allow you into the dark horrors of my memory,
say you want to be sacrificed, don't want to take that chance,
I'd give anything to deny you that one request.

You've carried part of my burden,
released me from some of the chains,
but the night calls to me, whispers my name.

I always wander while you rest,
try to stay within sight,
I need you to find me when I stray too far,
bring me home to your light.

I can't escape what haunts me,
they lurk in the shadows, always waiting for the chance to break me,
a chance to take me far from your side.

My nightmares are for me alone to battle,
please understand, I can't allow you to lose what makes you wonderful,
I'll save you from whatever I can.

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