Friends forever


Good-bye’s are hard they say,
but they seem even harder today.

As I walk, alone and thinking;
I remember every smile, every laugh,
and my heart just keeps sinking.

The memories swim in my head, around and around,
the tears fall without a sound.

Now, while we cry and hug each other tight,
and promise to write,
all I can think of is the loneliness I will feel,
gone from sight.

You go your way, I go mine,
but I know we will always be friends for all time.

Our friendship has opened my eyes;
it showed me the light,
even when we were angry or in a fight.

A friendship as strong as ours leaves no mark, no visible sign,
just the memories, yours and mine.

Friendships have their own value;
when other friendships fall,
ours will still be standing, strong and true.

So, wherever you are, no matter how far apart;
I will always love and care for you,
from the bottom of my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2000 (I was only 11)

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