Never let go

My husband

I saw all the signs,
knew you'd become my demise.

All my defenses torn down,
broken and bleeding upon the ground.

Screams wrench through a tortured form,
you've destroyed my armor, trapped me in your storm. 

My bittersweet agony,
longing for a taste of me.

Helpless as a small child, shivering,
meek and mild.

You've commanded me to fly,
but my wings are too wounded to reach the sky.

Feel the world slipping away,
you were here, was it only yesterday?

The memories burn through my aching heart,
stopping the ice before it starts.

Our connection still strong,
a love so pure, could never be wrong.

Feather-light touches and whispered promises,
I'm no longer lost, beaten or alone,
you've found me, healed me and brought me home. 

Never let go, keep me in sight,
I need your warmth, your love is my light.

Say you'll forever stay,
that you won't let even distance tear you away.

Hold my hand and stay near,
keep me grounded, crush each fear.

Be the fire in my soul,
everything I need to hold.

You are my deepest desire, my weakness,
the one fault to my façade.

My masks are meaningless,
my lies empty, you see right through me.

Guide me, haunt me, follow and lead,
be my strength to succeed.

My passion, my light and dark,
you're the song, the beat of my heart ...

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