Sea song

I close my eyes and hear the sea,
the waves and the breeze bring her voice to me.

She is my goddess, she is my queen,
my light and dark, everything in between.

She litters the ground with broken glass,
shards of her heart, she mourns what's come to pass.

The stars above burn everlasting,
I stand behind her, the shadow the sun is casting.

Rain falls from a stormy sky,
she struggles to get by.

I lay with her in the silence of the night,
fingers running through her hair,
listening to her breathe,
wanting to make everything right.

My wings shield her from her pain,
the tears she cries, diamonds, a sacrifice willingly lain.

My heart bleeds when she's falling,
try to catch her and bring her back,
can she hear me calling?

With her I'm at peace, comfort and grace,
not even the prettiest rose compares to the beauty of her face.

Her eyes follow and haunt, caress and tease,
just a word, a glance can bring me to my knees.

She's my heaven, what saves me from hell's fire,
gladly I'd give my life for her, her embrace my funeral pyre.

The ice around my soul, invisible chains,
they've fallen away, she's all that remains.

I'm not as strong as I try to be,
with her hand in mine, I'm free to be me.

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