Cry to be found

My husband

Stand at my love's side as he drifts off to sleep,
guard and protect him from what I can.

Wander off into the night,
drift into nothing, along shadows,
listening to the sounds of twilight.

Travel down a beaten path,
leaving his sanctuary behind,
keeping him near but away from the darkness of my mind.

Too far, the icy wind chill shakes me to the core,
turn back but I can't find the way I walked before.

The fears and doubts sweeping in,
triumphantly they laugh, remind me of my sins.

They always find me when I lose my way,
whisper sweet nothings in my ears,
try to make me stay.

No, I won't listen,
I futiley shout,
drowning their laughter out.

You can't break me down,
I won't give up without a fight,
wrap my wings around my weakened form,
they are my armor, they'll keep me from harm.

The demons rage at their failure,
attempt to lash out, crush me to the ground,
they can't touch me now.

Finally they disapear, with a last taunting look,
knowing they'll return again, with a defeated sigh I fall,
close my eyes and try to remember to breathe again.

The rain falls, washing away all the wounds,
the marks the demons have left on my lovely wings,
they are illusions, I never felt a thing.

The sun shines through the clouds,
the wind carries my voice on the breeze,
I'm calling for him.

There, I see the way home again,
and a smile crosses my face as dawn breaks,
he always finds me when I'm lost,
all I have to do is cry to be found.

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