Parts of me

I've never been anyone's salvation,
I've only ever been human.

I've tried to love, to live,
somehow I died along the way.

Fallen angels, they gather around me,
family, the only kind I've ever known.

I've used, abused, wounded and turned cold,
broken another's heart till it bled dry.

Wasn't enough, they had to understand.

He said he should have known,
hang my head in shame, he's right,
I was only meant to hurt.

High on a pedestal,
you see me with jaded eyes,
that's not me though, you've made a mistake.

Always gave, never took, tried to redeem for past failures,
locking my secrets away in glass boxes,
dark rooms with vaults on the door.

Always been that wall that you hit,
you can't get through, my fault.

My wings were once white, fresh as snow,
they've shielded me from the worst of agony,
absorbed the pain others bled internally.

Determined to walk alone,
you walk beside me, hand in mine,
say you can keep up, we'll see.

If you fall behind, get lost in the darkness,
I'm not sure I can save you, but I'll try.

You risk it all when you look in my eyes,
rip open all the wounds you've covered so hastily,
you curse me without words, but you must see.

I have to hurt you to heal you,
steal your breath, suffocate you,
kill who you were.

You cannot become who you are meant to be,
if you don't break the way you were meant to,
if you don't let go, let me do your breathing for you.

Wrapped in my wings, I'll take you someplace safe,
where we can be free, but do you trust me?

There will be times you'll want to scream and cry,
when you'll break inside, think you can't take anymore,
that's what you must prepare for if I let you into my world.

I've fallen only to rise again,
this time I'm placing you on the pedestal,
letting the light from your halo shine.

One day you won't need my touch,
I won't have to dry your tears, shatter each wall,
whisper your secrets to me, I'll always listen.

I'll love you the best I can,
kiss each wound and scar,
you're safe now in my embrace,
above the world saved by grace.

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