My husband

Without you I'm lost,
with you I'm found.

Without you I'm restless,
with you I'm at peace.

Without you I crash,
with you I fly.

Without you I'm crying,
with you I'm laughing, singing.

Without you I'm broken,
with you I'm whole.

Without you I'm shattered,
with you I'm healing.

Without you I'm existing,
with you I'm living.

Without you my heart's not beating,
with you it races from your smile.

Without you I'm wandering aimlessly,
with you I have direction.

Without you life held a dark meaning,
with you I have a purpose.

Without you my heart was closed,
with you now it's wide open.

Without you I hide,
with you I'm always in plain sight.

Without you there's nothing but the cold,
with you all I feel is warmth.

Without you I die inside,
with you I breathe new life.

Without you every hour drags,
with you time fades away.

Without you promises meant nothing,
with you they're everything I can believe in.

Without you I'm drifting,
with you I'm holding on tightly.

Without you the weight of the world closes in,
with you next to me I'm strong once again.

Without you the stars lose their shine,
with you I wish on each one.

Without you my wings bleed,
with you they are held high with pride, beautiful.

Without you I surrender to shadows,
with you I'm safe among clouds.

Without you I'm alone,
with you I'm home.

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