My husband

Your eyes meet mine,
such a golden brown,
they burn within.

Stand before you with my guard down,
vulnerable, naked and shaking to the bone,
fear and rejection scream in my head,
telling me I'm making a mistake.

I've exposed so many of my wounds,
let you see me as all I have become,
all I was, the girl that I saw in the mirror.

Your arms embrace me, gently,
caress and soothe my ruffled feathers,
the scars on my wrists you kiss,
the tears in my eyes you brush away.

Passion I never thought I'd find,
I have with you, my skin burns everywhere you touch,
my breath catches, I've never wanted another so much.

I've been raped, molested, assualted,
used and abused, my heart shredded and bruised,
all of those memories fade when you're near.

A blush stains my cheeks,
a virgin bride in white satin,
you see me with clear eyes.

You say I'm magnificent, perfection,
and I break inside, my defenses crumble,
I have nothing left to hide.

I've felt cold, hollow, dead inside,
when I tell you of the shadows,
the past that chained me down,
your emotion is almost too much to bear.

Lie me down on a bed of roses,
can't feel anything but your kisses,
breathe a sigh, you're the drug that makes me high.

I'm addicted, I need another fix,
can't get enough, when you're gone I'm lost,
go into withdrawal.

In your eyes I have done nothing wrong,
an angel pure as light, taken advantage and tossed aside,
you are my redemption, my second chance,
new lease on life.

The world falls away when you smile,
pleasure builds, tenderness, my love for you burns,
I feel only desire.

Euphoria in this ghostly plane,
nirvana that stretches,
a love like this has no name.

You are all I will ever want and need,
take my heart, make it bleed,
take the gift I offer, my innocence,
set me free and show me how to breathe.

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