My husband

Blind and lost, thought I was free,
found my path, you helped me see.

Missed all the signs, guard never came up,
not used to being protected,
to this feeling you give me.

You're the warmth in my heart,
the light in my soul,
the hand I want to hold.

The song in my head,
and the smile on my face,
the sparkle in my eye.

The laugh that brightens my day,
my reason to keep going.

You're the shelter from the storm,
my release from a scarlet prison,
the chains that bound me have gone.

Tenderly you smile as all the pain bleeds out,
watch and listen with sympathetic eyes.

Drowning in you, can't breathe right,
let the current pull me under,
such a wonderful way to suffocate.

My heart can't find a rhythm,
keeps missing a beat,
then goes too fast, all because of you.

Don't know what I did to deserve you,
but it doesn't seem to matter,
your eyes meet mine and my thoughts fade to gray.

Trying to get past my insecurities,
let you in and trust you.

Every time I falter,
you catch me, support me,
you help me stand strong.

You baffle, fascinate and amaze,
take my breath away,
please tell me you're here to stay?

You are the future I never expected,
you're the one I can't live without.

Need to feel you with me each day,
so cold without your warmth.

You calm my restless mind,
with you near the darkness is left behind.

In a lifetime of illusions,
you're the only thing that's real.

The only one I can believe,
only one I'll ever need,
in a crowded room, you're the only one I see.

Stay with me till forever ends,
can't make it without you,
so hold me close and don't let go.

This and every moment with you,
the promise of bliss,
of living in ecstasy just like this,
flying higher with every kiss.

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What a good poem!

What a good poem!