Unanswered questions

My husband

When I met you, your heart was breaking,
you loved her, she loved another,
how was I supposed to turn away?

Tried to be your friend,
help you go on each day,
how was I supposed to know you were the one?

Off and on, we crossed paths,
life got in the way, loved and lost,
how was I to know you were still the song my heart was singing?

You came back, somehow found a way through the walls,
unfroze my heart, made me smile for once in so long,
how was I to know that you'd become everything in my world?

Only meant to help you breathe again,
be a friend, didn't count on falling so hard,
how could I keep my distance when you stayed close?

My heart went out to you, my hand ached to hold your own,
how was I supposed to feel nothing for you?

You were in my thoughts, each song,
made me laugh like never before,
taught me to love, hope, believe.

How was I supposed to walk away?

How was I supposed to cry,
you kissed each tear.

How was I supposed to fight,
when I was so afraid to lose, to win,
you gave me strength, victory was mine.

All too soon I realized where my heart lie,
how could you have given me so much,
been so sure I was the one you wanted?

You've changed everything I have ever known,
with you my world turned to ash,
took a risk, you hold all I am in your hands.

You're my entire existence,
my savior, my redemption,
my second chance, my fresh start.

How will I ever be the same,
you've turned the world on its axis,
your kiss makes me break down.

How am I supposed to function,
think properly when you make my mind blank,
I forget everything but you, the world fades away.

Your hand caresses my skin,
I fight to be strong,
how can I breathe when you suffocate me?

You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,
sweet surrender, precious liability, I was always yours,
from the start you were the one Ionged for.

You ask me to be yours for eternity,
on one knee, your eyes boring into me,
a tear trailed down my cheek as I fought hard not to drown,
how could I say no, when I already am?

You take me higher than the stars,
reduce me to nothing, break me down inside,
it's almost more than I can take,
how can I ever love you any less?

This is real, not a dream,
you are all I will ever need,
without you I'd die all over again.

Distance means nothing when you're next to me,
how can it when you've never left my side?

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