My husband

I am meant to take your breath away,
then give you life when you suffocate.

Close your eyes and drown in me,
I'll be the air you need to breathe.

Fall on me, I'll be your ground,
don't give up on me, love has been found.

I need you to clear my heart,
give me a reason to avoid the dark,
I want to stay lost in you.

I'll be the lighthouse when you're lost at sea,
the floor you can't fall below,
I'll be all you'll ever need,
just keep believing in me.

I'll be the song in your heart,
the lullaby when you can't sleep,
let's play this game through,
distance can't keep us apart.

I'll be the tears you cry,
the thorn on your rose that makes you bleed inside.

I'll be the shelter from your rain,
the cure for your pain.

I'll be the sun that clears the clouds from the sky,
shining the way to help you see,
help you fly.

I want every part of you and more,
every aspect of of your life, everything in between,
everything you'll ever need.

I love you by candle light,
starshine or even just in the dark,
you're my soul, my heart.

You are my world, my life and death,
everything in between.

The air I breathe I breathe for you,
whenever I blink, it's for you.

I love your body, mind, spirit,
heart and soul, you are perfection.

No matter what happens,
how old you get,
I'll always love you because you're beautiful to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We wrote this together :)

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This is good. You express

This is good. You express yourself in a complete way.

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Great poem. 

Great poem.