My husband

With each step I take,
it leads further from what I've built,
away from the home I thought I belonged,
the place that accepted me with open arms.

Caged by walls, broken promises, forsaken safety,
wanted to be safe, wanted to be free,
searched endlessly for a shelter, a love that I could hold.

Surrounded by hell's fire,
frozen inside with my heart of stone,
won't you save me?

I close my eyes and he appears,
singing a sweet tune,
it strengthens my resolve, each tear I cry is gone.

He wraps me in wings of light,
a tender caress on my soul,
he's the answer to all my prayers.

He completes me, my other half,
my reason, my serenity, my redemption,
he's become my entire existence, my everything.

Dreams bring him closer,
a ghost's embrace, a loving kiss upon silky skin,
can feel him inside, moving me, drowning me.

My life has ended as I knew it,
the dark still tries to claim me,
with him at my side, I won't let it break me.

Left the shadows, the graves in the past,
held tightly in his arms, he'll never let me go.

Still seems unreal some days,
when his love, his devotion is all I can feel.

The emotions overpower me,
drive me to my knees, tears in my eyes,
he's saved me.

Kiss his forehead and wish for peaceful dreams,
always nearby to soothe him, destroy what makes him scream,
nothing will harm him as I stand guard,
rest my love, know that I am always here.

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