Voice like a violin,
calming my fears,
peaceful serenity.

The gathering storm tries to drown me,
they pull me under, suffocating,
the kiss of darkness is intoxicating.

Euphoric bliss when you're nearby,
lost in your love, floating above the world,
don't ever let me fall back to Earth.

Wandered so many days in shadows,
guiding, being everyone else's light,
where was my own, I wondered?

I heard a song so sweet in my dreams,
blinded by pain, couldn't make out the words,
felt the ache in my heart dissipate.

Flames and screams, they consumed me,
somehow I still heard your siren's song.

Your lullaby brings tears to my eyes,
gives me rest from my troubled mind,
emotions so deep, words fail,
sing to me all the days of my life.

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I will sing whatever you like

I will sing whatever you like whenever you like :)