I should care that you're gone,
that I just said goodbye.

I should want to stop you,
should feel like I'm being left behind.

I should want to call out to you,
plead and ask you to stay,
too proud to open my mouth anyway.

I should care that you're not in my shadow anymore,
it should mean something that you're not who I thought.

It should bother me that I've walked away,
it doesn't though, for once I simply don't care.

I should be sad, angry, disappointed,
but I'm not, all I feel is relief.

I should feel lost, like I'm not complete,
never thought I'd be fine without you.

I should want to turn around,
should be stopping, backing down.

Every step I take leads me away from you,
from the one I wish I didn't know.

I should feel empty,
like part of me is missing.

I should want to reach for your hand,
but I won't, I'm not weak anymore,
even without you, here I stand.

I have my family, friends and love,
my wounds are healed, the past is dead,
I'm not stuck anymore, I've flown ahead.

I don't need your games,
broken free of all the chains,
I've destroyed what you created.

I'm stronger now on my own,
I'll never be like you,
never be how you wanted me to be too.

I should have done this long ago,
I'm done, you can have the graves,
you win, I'm through.

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you are growing as a person.

you are growing as a person. healing and changing from a wounded caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly