Your eyes burn like candle light,
they trap me in your cage,
holding me enslaved to your every whim.

Enchanted, fascinated by your beauty,
hair cascading down delicate shoulders,
so decadent, you blush with innocent eyes.

Two steps and you are in my arms,
soft skin, so warm to the touch,
a kiss of pure poison from your lips.

Push away a curl,
hiding a flawless body,
you're so precious to me.

Lay you down on a bed of roses,
gazing at you, my lovely goddess.

With a whispered prayer, I'm drowning in you,
you pull me under, I'm lost in this bliss,
are you lost in me too?

Watch you tremble and shake,
moan and scream my name,
after you, I'll never be the same.

Enjoying the way you move,
all the sighs you make,
could spend eternity here with you. 

I love watching you in ecstasy,
my heart beats faster when you break,
your passion is so sweet,
it's a drug to me.

You smile as you come back down,
your love burns like fire,
I see only you, no one else is around.

My sweet addiction,
corruption, my black queen. 

I am your willing prisoner,
torture me endlessly,
till the stars fall and the heaven's bleed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my Dragonfly goddess

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candy_coated_cyanide's picture

absolutely breathtaking!

absolutely breathtaking!