Parts of me

You hurl your accusations,
try to lash out, break me down.

Each dagger you throw aimed to kill,
meant to wound and anger,
anything to cut my skin.

What you don't realize is it's not working,
nothing you say bothers me,
I still don't care.

Rolling my eyes at your pathetic attempts,
grow up already, think for yourself.

Done playing with children,
I'm my own person now.

Not copying other people,
I see and accept all I am,
learned from my mistakes,
healed the broken pieces.

No longer being held together by hasty knots,
tape and gauze, I am whole again.

Want to feel something for you,
but I really don't, it's almost sad.

Contempt, pity, annoyance,
understanding, compassion.

I feel nothing!!

Do what you wish,
say what you will,
throw your knives at me,
you'll never hit the mark.

My wings are wrapped around me,
solid and strong, nothing can hurt me now,
not even you.


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We shout

I will effect you. I will protect you. From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings. For everything freedom brings
You never left me. You never let me
See what this feeling means

Everything that you feel. Is everything that I feel
So when we dream
We shout...