Things I could say


I can bring you agony then smile as you scream,
bleed you dry, leave you a hollow shell.

Could kiss you sweetly, absinthe,
paralyzing you from moving, you'll be caught in me.

I'm dark and twisted, playful and sadistic,
you look in my eyes but you don't understand,
you'll never grasp just how I came to be like me.

I could say it doesn't bother me to be alone,
I'm just fine when you leave my sight.

I could say I don't care when you walk away,
never thought you'd stay.

I could say that my heart's cold as ice,
that I hope you freeze, scream and fall to your knees.

Could say I feel nothing, that's a lie,
I feel so much inside.

Compassion in my nature, but I wish I could flip that switch,
leave you alone with your misery here.

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