My husband

Self- medicate, disassociate,
caught and blinded by your light.

Been raining for years, can you make the clouds part,
disappear into the trees?

Bleed, dead inside,
tossed by your waves in the sea,
drowning in you endlessly,
you save me again so easily.

I could live forever, or die tomorrow,
I will always be remembered.

You are the faith inside of me,
teaching me to believe the illusion you see.

What is fake, what is real,
risk it all, up the stakes,
can you feel what I feel?

You are in each tear I cry,
each tortured scream that leaves my throat raw.

You heal my wounds,
give me peace and comfort.

You’re so easy to please,
just too hard to hurt,
in you lies my redemption.

Your eyes captivate me,
promises torture me so sweetly,
suffocating from your love is how I want to be.

You are the shadow the sun casts,
the light from a candle’s flame,
the pearls the moon cries.

In your arms is my salvation,
as you follow blindly,
I want to be the air you breathe.

You take me away from my hell,
to a heaven so sweet, filling me with pleasant dreams.

I am the Angel that’s forgotten how to fly,
you are my halo that shines on me in the dark,
the wind that lifts me into the sky. 

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You take the breath right out

You take the breath right out of me.