Breathe me in

Parts of me

Wandered the world for so long,
searched for something I couldn't find,
a home, family, love that would always be mine.

Wished so many times to get away,
leave the past, the pain and the gray,
clung to that grave, the cross that I'm bound to.

I am not perfect, I've made mistakes,
caused pain and anger, fear and hate.

I loved, cried, begged and pleaded,
only to feel nothing when I'm alone once more.

My heart locked away in a glass box,
protected by walls, alarms and barbed wire,
threw away the key, swore that fire wouldn't burn anymore.

You look in my eyes, do you see me,
all the ways I could destroy this,
with a single touch I could kill or save.

I am the venom in your skin,
the pain in your heart when you're gone.

I am the keeper of the dark,
the Angel of Pain and despair,
I can't turn my back on the lost,
can't stop myself from needing to care.

I am the ocean raging beneath the sky,
the storms, the rain that falls, ending a drought.

Soothe your fears, guide and follow,
tell you what you need to hear,
speaking truths you can't bear.

Cutting through the shadows,
the ghosts and nightmares that fight to claim you,
I am the Queen of swords, the dreamers dream.

I could break you down, watch you bleed,
you risk it all when you refuse to leave my side.

Just a look in my eyes could turn your world to ash,
the fires of hell I live in and control,
can you handle them, you're caught in my thrall.

I am the siren singing you to your end,
falling down into the jagged rocks below,
only to save you before you crash.

I stand before you, behind and beside,
whisper endearments when you try to hide.

I am the insecurities you fear,
the passions you crave to feel.

I am the one who could drive you to your destruction,
who can watch you walk away, feeling nothing inside.

As each day passes, my vision clears,
you find your way to me, been lost for years.

When you look into my eyes, see my soul, all I am,
accept me into your life, breathe me in.

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I breathe you in daily my

I breathe you in daily my love. oh what sweet breaths they are!