My husband

My heart is a mansion with many locked doors,
each room holds a secret,
each wound a scar.

You found that key to my prison cell,
set me free and taught me to breathe.

I am the Angel that causes you suffering,
watches you writhe in agony,
only to kiss away the hurt and bring you to life.

Loving me won’t be easy,
yet when I was screaming silently, you heard me.

You are my Angel of Mercy,
my saving grace, that halo that shines on my face.

You never lose faith, always guide,
listen with understanding and patience.

I can’t change what I have done,
the past I’ve clung to is long gone.

My wings that were once breathtaking now spread slowly,
I search your eyes, waiting for you to break and run from me.

Can you handle what I have carried for so long,
the burden that has broken and destroyed me?

I’m lost in your siren’s song,
I’m sorry I cause you agony,
trying to break free,
force my way through that wall of apathy.

You are my reason to believe as I fall to my knees,
beg you to see, this is all I have ever been,
all I thought I needed to be.

In your love lies the way to freedom,
already started walking this path,
too late to turn back, I’ve come so far.

“Keep going,” I hear you whisper softly,
“you’re almost there, my darling.”

Stay by my side, keep seeing through my lies,
I’ll keep going till I’m in your arms,
safe at last in the light. 

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