My husband

When I’m on the edge,
pull me back, don’t let me fall.

When I give in to my weaknesses,
hold me, don’t get upset, accept all of me.

When I want to let go,
stay with me, help me hold on.

When the distance gets to me,
tell me you’re here for me,
remind me you’re still mine.

When tears are falling from my eyes,
kiss them away, keep me warm.

When I’m lost in the rain,
keep me dry, show me the sun again.

When I blow hot and cold,
don’t get mad, don’t walk away too.

When I’m lost in my thoughts,
surrounded by memories, haunted by ghosts,
guide me back home, safety in your arms.

When I doubt the future,
promise me we have forever,
that you’ll always love me.

When my heart turns cold, don’t go,
I don’t want to lose you, watch you walk away too.

When I’m afraid to trust,
to let my guard down,
be patient, gentle with me.

When I offer you my heart,
please don’t break it, it’s all I have.

When I’m drowning in love,
keep me above water, don’t let go.

Hold onto me, love me, save me,
be my everything. 

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