Only you


  Only you can melt my heart,
when I think it’s frozen over for good.

Only you can make me crave both the dream and reality,
only you can make them both seem like a possibility.

Only you can make me want to trust again,
to give all of my heart to another, not just pieces.

Only you can make me laugh till I cry,
can make the longest night fly by.

Only you can give me peace from my tortured mind,
always catching me by surprise.

Only you can make me look in a mirror and see,
the girl I didn’t believe existed inside of me.

Only you can make me feel safe yet under attack,
pushing me to my limits, admitting the lies I wanted to believe.

Only you bring the words from the depths of my heart and soul,
you’re my inspiration, the song caught in my head.

Only you can catch me when I crash,
show me the way to fly once more.

Only you can wipe away these tears,
then cause more by the sweet things you say,
they take my breath away.

Only you can give me the strength to break through my barriers,
ones I built with such care, would never fall.

Only you can bring a smile to my face,
taking me away from my prison,
only you can give me solace.

Only you can keep me from running,
from hiding within myself,
only you can pull me back from the edge.

Only you can make me fall in love again,
when I only wanted to be emotionless.

Only you can make me feel weak,
when all my life I’ve been strong.

Only you can take my nightmares away,
hold me through the night. 

Only you can make me wonder what it’d be like to be married,
settle down and know I was loved in return.

Only you can take my hand and help me see,
pain isn’t the only thing I can feel.

Only you can make me depend on someone,
can make me share some of the weight I carry.

Only you can heal my heart,
when I believed it was irreparable.

Only you can make the sun come out,
when all it ever seems to do is rain.

Only you can make me wait and trust and believe,
convincing me that we will have forever,
only you can make me love again.

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