Bottle released into Garden’s Sea
Message meant for the heart of one
When within her hands it’s grasped
Our hearts forever to meld.
An eternity of distance and time waited
While angels of the heavens us onward urged
Joyfully celebrating our paths drawing near.
Rocky paths and valleys we journeyed,
Many wounds from enemy sustained
The love of Him in our hearts brought life
Giving strength and courage the battles to fight.
Among Orion’s stars we dance in the dawn as respite comes
Fresh breath, flower’s fragrance in arms we embrace
As our footprints press upon the shores.
The beauty of your heart draws me in.
The depth of your soul opens garden’s gate
The softness of your touch soothes pain and gives rest
The sparkle of your eyes brings spring rain to parched land.
The brightness of your smile unravels day’s knots.
The passion of your kiss melts a winter’s grip
My heart forever you’ve captured.
As my thoughts of you outnumber the sand
Which you now hold in the prayers of your hand.

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