Les..B.. N love and lust,

I give you my trust,

in your heart is where you keep me,

used to be discreetly.

now I proudly wear my 6 colors,

I don't hide you as my lover,

you were my best kept secret, the one that quietly loved me

through all my shit.

you put up with other dudes but you were always my main chick.

you held me down no matter what I put you thru,

you once told me *All I am belongs to you*

even when I was stuck in that phase, your loyalty remained strong,

even when I found myself with someone I didn't belong.

I was stuck in the *yeah I'm bi*

knowing in me that shit was a lie,

because my 1st crush 1st kiss was with the same sex,

I would've came out sooner but it was too complex

growing up I heard discussions and learned it was not accepted,

so I pretty much did what was expected.

Until That time....

when a man touched me intimately,

I'd close my eyes and picture a woman with me,

then it just stopped feeling right cause there was no breast

just chest,

and I felt disgusted with the sex,

I just wanted to feel a womans embrace,

touch the softness of her face,

be open about who I really was and what I really held inside,

after a while I got tired of trying to hide.

you know me better than I know myself sometimes,

you understood me when others didn't try to understand,

you knew the look in my eyes,

the secret part of me I had to disguise,

yet you loved me just like that,

with all my flaws and imperfections,

thru all the bullshit with no justification.

you were patient until I no longer had that fear.

thru the storms... you were always here!

Thank you

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