Heartfelt Love


You Would Not Believe
If I Asked You A Simple Question
You Could Wish For Anything
Everything Of Within Wealth Dreams


Beyond Demand Or Desire
Souvenir Or Offer Of Time
That If I Asked You
Would You Rather Have
A Date At The Most Expensive Restaurant
Or A Man That Cooks Your Meal From His Heart
I'll Be Here To Heal Your Pain


If I Told You There's Nothing You Could Give Me
That Would Mean More To Me
Than To Spend Time With Someone You Loved
Nothing More Than Being With Someone
Someone Who Calms Your Heart
Someone Who Soothes Your Soul
Someone Who Eases All Of The Pain
Pain That Seemed To Last Forever
Would Last Less Than A Blink

I'll Be Here To Heal Your Heart


There Would Be No Gift Beyond Expense
That Would Make Me Any More Happier
Than Just Being With Someone
Someone Who Makes You Happy
Being By Them Warms Your Insides
Snuggling With Them Calms Your Heart
Please Stay Here For While


Someone Who Values You More Than A Person
Who Looks Beyond The Appearance Of Beauty
Looking Beyond Your Skin, Hair, Or Body Display
But Loves You From Your Heart Inside Out
Please Stay For The Moment


You Can Stay Right Next To Me
You Can Sit Right Next To Me
And Cuddle Right Beside Me
Snuggle Close By My Arms
You Don't Need To Say A Word
I Won't Say A Word Either
Because You're Cute
You're So Adorable
And You're So Beautiful
With Those Sparkling Eyes
Please Stick Around


This Moment Feels So Calm
It's So Quiet Here
I Might Have The Thought Of Music
The Thought Of Tuning On Orchestra Music
But Maybe I'll Just Stay Quietly Here
Right Beside You And Keep You Happy Here
Just Stay Here For A While
My Dear Cute Love
Please Stay Here With Me

roseblossoms's picture

Beautifully written and well

Beautifully written and well said!  You put my emotions

and thoughts into words! It's something I've told

my friend over and over....There's nothing more I

want or need than to gaze into your eyes and see

your beautiful Smile!