Breaking Deceptive Glass


The Second Wind
Comes Against Your Face
Brushes On Your Skin
Why Does It Feel So Bad To Do
But Yet I Feel So Good
Bring Pain Into My Heart


I Used To Think It Was Forever
I Thought It Would Last A Life Time
But Sometimes You Just Don't Know The End
Sometimes You Just Don't The Story
And Sometimes You Just Don't Their Reason


It Feels Like So Much Resentfulness
So Much Hidden Cognitive Energy
Why Do You Feel The Need To Bring It
Why Does The Subconscious Feel So Real


The Day I Told You
It Would Never Come To An End
But Here Lies Your Old Promise
It Just Falls Apart

There's No Pieces To Pick Up
And I Know It Wasn't Intentional
I Know It Wasn't Intended
But Yet I Feel Forced To Feel Indifferent
Yet I Feel Misguided And Wrong
Unbearable And Unforgiving


Will The Rain Fall Faster Than Your Tears
You Lost Me At It Was Meant To Be
You Lost Me With Your Given Thoughts
Why Do You Bring It To Existence
Why Do You Bring It Up
Just To Waste It Away Again
This Isn't A Time For Reason
This Isn't Just For The Moment
But You Bring It To The Ground
You Brought It To An End