Untying Knots

There's Something About
When You're In Love With Someone
You Enjoy Being With Them
Being In Their Presence
And You Love Them To Heart


Although Sometimes That Feeling
When You're With Them
May Drag You Down
Perhaps Their Dream Is Something Big
And When You're With Them
Maybe It Won't Happen


For The Though Of You Being In The Way
Of Having Them Making Their Dream Come True
Saddens Your Heart And Body
Your Mind Turns Sluggish And Slow
Because You Know You're Just Dragging Them Down


Whats Best Is That You Shouldn't Be With Them
But Sometimes Breaking Up Isn't The Easiest
Perhaps It Wasn't Meant To Be
Although You Think It Wasn't Meant To End Like That
So You Begin To Doubt Yourself And Wonder Otherwise


Your Eyes Being To Wane In Strength
You Want To Be With Them
And They Want To Be With You
But Something Doesn't Feel Right


Because You Know
That Something Needs To Break Away
Close Paths And Stray Different Places
Because When Ties Knot Roads.
One Or The Other May Not Move Forward
And It Just Creates A Road Block


So With Hearts Hurt
And Bodies Tired
The Knot That Was Created
Needs To Be Loosened Up
So That You May Move Forward In Life

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Untying Knots:



When something big enough in your parnters life, is bigger and more important than your relationship: yes moving on is better, and untwining all those emotional knots. Love your work.