Right Here Beside You


If I Could Be Anywhere
I Wouldn't Need To Choose
Cause I'd Want To Be With You
Right Here Beside You


Because I Love You More
Than The Number Of Places
I Could Choose From
Love You More Than The Number Of
'I Love You' Phrases In An Entire Life Time


I Don't Want To Be Anywhere Else
Other Than Here With You
Because We Could Be Having Fun At The Beach
We Might Be Chilling At The Arcade
Playing Along The River Stream
Biking Around In The Park


But I Choose To Just Chill And Cuddle Beside You
Where Ever You Are I'll Be By You
Right Beside You So Close Our Cheeks Brush Against
I See Your Face Blush Like a Bright Tomato
I Smile Back At Your Adorable Cuteness
Because I Choose To Be With You
There's No Where Else I'd Choose


We Could Be At Home Listening
To Smooth Cool Jazz
Peaceful Melodic Orchestra
Listening To The Radio
What Ever It May Be
Sitting Outside Watching The Clouds Pass By
May It Be The Night Time
Star Gaze Upon The Beautiful Night


It May Be A Beautiful Night
But There's Nothing More Beautiful Than You
Sitting By Your Love Partner
Oh How Your Heart Beat Pumps Faster
Or Pumps Way So On How Close You Are


May The Closeness Be So Comfortable
That You Don't Even Want Sex
Because Of The Corruption Of This World

Divorce And Broken Relationships One After Another
And Oh How The Disease Spreads Like a Plague


But To Be Snuggling Right By Your Lover
To Feel Close To Each Other All The Time
Oh How Lovely Our Skins Brush Up


Kissing You Oh So Gently
Not Too Soft Or Not Too Fast
But To See You Blush Like The Color Scarlet Red
To Run My Fingers Through Your Hair
Oh How Pretty But So Adorable At The Sight Of You


Gently On The Lip That Happiness Of Tears Flow Out
To Feel The Pulsing Heartbeat Pound Faster
It's Such A Pleasant Moment To Feel
To Be Here With You
Snuggling Close Beside You