Tearful Delight And Happiness

Drip Drop Drip Drop
Slush Splash Slush Splash
Here Comes The Rain
For The Rain Is Pouring Upon Us
Maybe This Time It Calls For Desperate Measures
But Wait What Do I See In My Distance


I See You Walking Towards My Way
Why Would Such A Beautiful Girl
Be Walking In The Rain All Alone
Drizzling Of The Tears
Tears Splashes All Over
Sometimes I Feel Like I Hardly Know You


You Say You Can't Stand Being At Home Alone
When The Rain Is Flooding Down Like A Ocean
Though It Make Trapped And Scared
Saddened To The Desperate Measures
You Tell Me Whats Wrong
You Tell Me Why You're Here


But Suddenly You Come Rushing Into My Arms
Close Tight And Squeeze Me Hard
Why Is This So, What Does This Mean


You Tell Me You Hate Being Alone
The Rain Scars Your Skin
The Memories Of The Past Seem To Haunt You
It Makes You Remember Of The Horrible Times
I Don't Know How Terrible It Was
But If You Need Somebody To Accompany You
I'll Definitely Stay Here Forever Till You Say So


Here You Are In My Arms
I Don't Move A Muscle
But I Don't Loosen Up
Because I Just Hold You Closer To Me
You Feel Like You're Scared To Death
Like You've Been Abused At Home


I Wouldn't Know The Experience
But I Totally Feel Your Pain
I Can't Say Its The Same Kind Of Pain
But I Know That Experience
Knowing Yourself You're Not Safe Here


You're Totally Safe With Me
I Can't Stand To Have Friends Hurt
But I Don't Like Seeing My Friends In Pain Either


Your Face Comes Close To My Face
I Blush A Bit Because I've Never Felt Romance
Cause I've Never Been In Love Before
You Lips Come Close To Me
I Don't Push You Away
But You Gently Kiss Me
I Affectionately Approve It


But Why Do The Tears Fall Out
Are You Happy Cause You're With Me
Or Are You Happy Because You're In Love
Whether I Knew Either Was True
I'm Glad You're Here With Me
And Not Someone Else Who Would Abuse You