Drying Out The Tears In Your Eyes

When The Night Seems Forever Lost
And You Feel Like You've Got Nothing Else Left
When Everyone Else Leaves You Behind
And All That's Left Is The Dust They Leave Behind
The Ones Who Feel Left Out
I Promise That You're Not Alone


I Know How It Feels To Experience Such Pain
Cause I've Been Inside Your Shoes
I've Been On That Road Before
I Know The Things You Go There
For I Am Always With You


In The Moments Where You Feel Vunerable
The Times You Want To Just Give Up
Please Don't Let Go
Because I'm Right There With You
My Spirit Is Sitting Right Beside You


There's No Distance That Can Separate Us
Even If You Feel Like We've Drifted Apart
I Know That's Not The Case
Because I've Been Looking After You
I've Been Praying For You


Even With All The Words I Could Tell You
I Couldn't Possibly Tell You
The Amount Of Affection To Show You
How Much I Intensely Love You


If You Desperately Need Love
And You're Left Speechless
Just Come Into My Arms
You Don't Need To Say Anything
I Don't Need A Sign From You
Because I Accept You The Way You Are
I May Not Know How You're Feeling
But I Love You Anyways


Please Close Your Eyes
Rest Your Head Beside My Shoulder
And I Promise I Won't Let You Go
I May Not Be Able To Erase The Pain
But I Will Definitely Ease Your Heart
To Heal The Scars I Can't See With My Eyes
To Mend The Wounds That's Hurting You
Just Call For My Name
And I'll Be There For You