Descend Your Vision

With This Overflowing Faith
The Way You Set Me Free
Release This Pain Inside Of Me
Seizing My Chest Tighter Than Ever
It Grapples Hold Of My Heart


The Force Resides Inside Of Me
Release These Chains That Are Crushing Me
I Becoming Something Better Than You Can Conceive
It's Who I Am Cause I'm Feeling So Free
It's Like I'm Soaring Through The Sky
Like A Tidal Wave Crashing The Ocean


Take Me To The Limit
Break The Atmosphere In Half
And Take Me To The Stars
Because All I Am Is
What You're Seeing In The Stars
Cause I'm On My Way To Be Free


These Walls Can't Hold Me In
Because The Chains Cannot Limit The Ocean
This Road I'm Riding Will Never Change
Will Fortitude Of Justice Break Through
Or Will The Darkness Overwhelm The Heart


Overflows Till My Heart Diffuses Into Universal Love
Something You Can't See With Your Eyes
Something You Can't Touch With Your Hands
Something You Can't Feel With Your Heart
Because When All Else Fails
And Everyone Turns Their Back Against You
Fall On Your Knees And Pray To The Lord