Feeling This Infinite Love

Oh The Sweet Soothe Sound
Soothe Sacred Soft Singing
The Gentle Touch Of The Skin
How Our Cheeks Brush Up
The Blush Of The Cheeks


Turns Bright Scarlet Red
Red Like A Delicious Tomato
How Our Chests Press Against
The Affectionate Hearts Resound
Oh How It Feels So Warm And Cozy


I Love That Feeling With You
Because Being With You Feels So Free
Breathing Feels So Great Again
I Know Your Heart
Because You Knew My Heart
Before I Knew Myself


To Embrace Your Love With Me
To Press Against Your Chest
To Hold You Tightly By Me
Wrapped In Your Arms


What's There Left To Say
Because There's No Words Needed To Say
I Know I'm Okay Because You're With Me
And Even When You're Far Away
I Still Feel You With Me
You're The One Who Brings The Best Out Of Me
The One Who Finds The Radiant Shine In My Heart


Even When I Find The Darkness Consuming Me Whole
I Open My Eyes And I Remember You're With Me
You're Always With Me Where Ever I Go
You're Always Looking After Me
I Adore The Thought  Of You Taking Care Of Me
To Feel Cherished All The Time And At Any Place


Oh How Could I Explain In Actions
I Can't Begin To Explain In Words
Because Your Love Is Unconditional
Oh How Wide And How Long
I Could Not Measure At All
But It Lengths Longer Than
An Unlimited Supply Of The Love You Give

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Feeling this infinate love:



A lovely poem, with a dual meaning, very clever.




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Combination Of Both

It's A Combination Of Both, A Person , God And Jesus
It's Also About The Affection Of A Hug

And The Warmth It Can Give To Somebody

Also In The Heart Of Taking Care Of Someone

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I really liked this. Is it

I really liked this. Is it about a person or God, or Jesus?

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