There's Nothing Else Is Left

Some Say They Want You
Some Say That The Really Care
But In The End They Just Don't Care
I Cannot Keep Living This Way
I Can't Keep Wasting Away


But I Can't Seem That I Know It
Something That Keeps Me At Bay
What's Keeping Me Strong
What In The World Is Keeping Me Awake

I Don't To Make Things Harder
But Standing On The Dark Roads Now
I Feel The Light Escaping My Grip


But It's Not Left Me Just Yet
Cause I Haven't Given Up
This Fight Isn't Over Yet


I Keep Calling Your Name
But Do You Hear My Call
I'm Still Holding On
That's Why I Still Pray
Though I Don't Know What Else To Do
I Don't Know What Else To Say
I Can't Find The Words In My Heart


Cause You Just Gotta Know
I'm Trying Real Hard To Hold On
I Still Feel Empty Deep Inside

And It's Been A While Since I Last Felt You


Even When I Try To Smile I Feel Like It's Fake
And Even When My Emotions Grow Highs And Lows
I Still Feel I'm Sitting Right At The Bottom
Like The Lid Was Closed On This Cap
The Contents Fell Through The Roof
And Hit Directly To The Basement


I Know I'm Not Perfect
But I Feel Worthless And Useless
I Can't Help But Think A Certain Way
Cause With Special Capabilities
I Just Feel My Talents Are Unknown


I Can't Trust Myself
Cause I Know If I Do
I Just End Up Hurting Myself
My Sinful Self Knows My Weaknesses
And Strikes Directly At The Heart


I Don't Know How You're Working Lord
If I Knew The Ways Of You
Would Things Feel Different
Would My Actions Feel Altered
Would I Still Trust Myself 


I Feel Like I Have Nothing Else Left
I Know I Have Alot In My Life
But I'm Losing My Mind
And My Faith Is All I Got
I'm Still Holding On To You Lord
I Don't Know What Else To Do
So That's Why I Still Pray