I Don't Have The Words My Heart Wants To Say

Seems Like Its Just Passing By
And I Know It's Just Something To Pass By
I Thought Something Would Be Different By Now
But It Feels Just The Same As Last Year


If I Could Change A Thing
I Don't Think I Would
But I Could Have The Memories Back
I Wouldn't Doubt With Pure Reject
I Wouldn't Reconsider Cause I Wouldn't Want It
All This Time I'm Just Pretending


I Know It's Important To Me
But It Feels Pointless Right Now
Even Though I May Not Understand It
Maybe's I'm Just Thinking Too Much
But Honestly I Just Don't Remember
Why I Even Feel This Way Anymore
Or The Things That Changed My Mind


I Don't Have The Words
I Don't Really Feel Like Saying Anything
But To Feel The Warmth Affection
I Just Can't Believe It
What Are You Waiting For

Cause If You're Waiting On Me
I Don't Have A Clue
On What I Should Aim For

All I Have Is Bits And Pieces Of Things In My Mind
All These Memories I Don't Want To Remember Anymore
But My Mind Reminds Me Of Things I Try To Forget
I Don't Feel Like I Should Care About Anything Anymore


I Walk Down This Path I Feel Like I Should Know Something
But All I Know Is That I'm Dead Inside
Ohh I Scream For Your Name
I Can't Block Any Of This Pain
Because It's All Coming From Inside
It's Eating Me Inside Feels Like An Erupting Outbreak


Feels Like There's No Room For Anything In My Heart
All I Have Is The Fear That Merges Me Into Frightening Timid
All I'm Feeling Is This Tormented Scars That's Driving Me Insane
All I Thinking Is This Distressful Agony That's Torturing Me Like Crazy
Although All I Have Left In My Heart Is Knowing I Just Can't Give Up On God