Screams Of The Exile

If I'm Aiming To Sing For Love
Then Why Am I Always Screaming Out My Lungs Out
I Can't Help It But Scream Out When Life Beats Me Down
When I Can't Feel My Lungs I Always Forget About My True Identity
I Always Need To Keep My Heart Soft And Gentle
Cause I Know I'm Not Filled With Harsh Hatred


But Now I Know I'm Choking
And Then I'm Starting To Bleed
I Know Can't Stop The Race
I'm Feeling It In My Knees
I'm Beginning To Stumble Down


Let Me Breathe Through You
Let Me Feel Your Unconditional Love
Cause This Grip Of Mine Loosens It's Ambition
When I Lose My Impatience
It Takes Over My Attitude
I Lose The Boost Of Progression
And It Declines My Steady March


A Movement I Just Can't Stop
I Can't Turn Back And Fall Over
Because Before I Know It
It'll Be Too Late For Me
But I Know I'm Saved By My Savior
If God Is With Us, Who Can Be Against Us