I Know You Care About Me


I Know I Put Myself Down
I Know Shame Myself For Being Unique
I Know I've Discredited Myself
I Know I've Neglected My Confidence


But Thanks For Loving Me Anyways
I Know I Don't Deserve This Love
I Sometimes Ignore You
And I Don't Even Talk To You


But Even If The Odds Are Against Me
Thanks For Being There For Me
Thanks For Praying For Me
I Know When The Clouds Pass By
And The Stars Twinkle In The Sky
You're There Somewhere With Me


If We Could Close The Gap Between Us
I'd Say You Shine Brighter Than Me
But When We Clump Up All The Souls In A Group
And The Each Person Collected In A Sphere
I Know Each One Shines Bright In A Different Way


Yes I Know I Haven't Talked To You In A Long Time
I Do Quite Frequently Think About You
Though We May Not Be Connected Anymore
I Sincerely Miss You Deeply


I Know Words May Not Seem Much
It  May Not Mean Much To You
But Honestly In This Moment
I Wish I Could Directly Hug You Right Now


Maybe I've Liked You More Than A Crush
But I Don't Think That Matters Anymore
Things Have Changed And I Can't Think Clearly Anymore
I Know Love Is Fragile And Frankly In This Society
Hearts Are Broken Much More Easily Then Ever


Perhaps It Was Meant To Be
But Since This Salvation Has Saved Me
I Really Can't Claim This Salvation As My Own Achievement
I Think The Reason I Was So Clean From This World
Was Because God Planned It From The Beginning


Without A Doubt I Surely Wouldn't Know About It
To Actually Know Whats Planned Ahead For Me
And The Reasons For The Things That Has Occurred In My Life
I Can Only Know That You Care More About Me Than I Know