We Don't Need Another Poem About Clouds

The wind is in my fireplace again and groaning.

The clouds, although silent, look loud

while the sun is absent and no fun at all.


I was born the son of a sailor and a teen-aged girl

in Portsmouth, Virginia.


I don't remember what Portsmouth looked like,

but considering its name, I assume there were ships

made of steel, painted gray, built for war,

and not pretty at all.

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Ah, there's beauty to be

Ah, there's beauty to be found in eveything. Even a port full of giant steele ships. I've noticed that where I'm at. Sometimes, the sun shines just right and casts the most interesting colors. And the old industial look of things changes and has a certain charm to it. I enjoyed the read, Owl.

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for reading & commenting, Lynn. I have seen the warships decorated with Christmas lights.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."

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That sounds like it could be

That sounds like it could be an interesting sight.

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Yeah, We Do

...need another poem about clouds - Just Bein' Lady A