A Pheasant In the Field

~A Pheasant in the Field~


For Jack, life was good
growing up on the farm.
His mother's kitchen was always warm,
while his father's soil a crop would yield,
and there were always pheasant in the field.


In the fall 'twas the aroma of his mom's apple pies,
prepared from the home-grown apples she peeled,
and his dad would fetch his gun and holler;
"hey, boy! Let's see if we can find
a pheasant in the field!"


Well, the years went by and Jack grew older.
He left the farm and became a soldier.
In the letters he sent home his love for his parents
was oft' revealed, and he usually inquired;
"say, dad, are there pheasant in the field?"


Then one day his folks recieved the news
that caused them so much pain.
They were told that their son, most regretfully,
on Arab sand was slain.

While Jack's mother wept, and his father kneeled,
from outside in the distance
they heard the call
of a pheasant in the field.


An old man puts away his gun forever
in the attic with the one that was his son's.
He could never again enjoy the hunt in the fall
when the cool weather comes.

His wife still bakes pies with the apples she peels,
but the old man's content with the fact
that there's pheasant in the field.


D. B. Tompsett

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very well done.

very well done.