Avian Flu

~Avian Flu~

The crows

have fallen ill today,
as crap blows around
the nightclub's dumpster
to mar the biker's view.

The choppers,
parked along the sunline,
lean slightly
like the crows
who have fallen ill today.


"We're sorry."
Moan the city's moms and pops.


"We should have known
the crows were due
to take sick one day.

It's been reported
in all the papers."


And now the bikers

are nabbed selling hotdogs
without a permit,

while too, the Seattle rain has begun,
but down, must come the tarp,
the bun's only protection,
and no one to eat them,
for the crows
have fallen ill today.


D. B. Tompsett

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saiom's picture

Dear Dan, There have been

Dear Dan,

There have been many reports that the USDA has been using
avicides for any cattle rancher anywhere who claims the crows
have been eating feed (human chauvinist term for food given to
a bird)....