Death On a Tuesday

~Death On a Tuesday~


Went fishing today. It's been a while. Couple years.

The Snake River just above Shoshone Falls resembles a pond

more than my idea of a river. Just kind of sits there.


Fished a few hours. Caught one. 

A small whitefish. It took the hook deep in its throat.

I pulled the hook out with needle-nose pliers, then released it.


The fish made attempts to swim on its back. A calm, northwest breeze

casually pushed it towards shore several yards from where I stood.

I didn't see it die. 



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  You won't kill flies. You


You won't kill flies. You rescue hummingbirds. Fishing bothers you.



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You sure know how to say alot

You sure know how to say alot very quickly and effectively.

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Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I rarely see when a poem recieves a cooment. Glad the poem works wel for you.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."

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Perfection. This deceptively

Perfection. This deceptively tranquil scene did its job with a shrewed subtlety that was far more powerful than any metaphor or word play could accomplish. I felt for the helpless creature that only wanted to live its life. 


A gracefully composed statement of the connection we all share as living beings. I absolutely love this. 

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Glad the poem works so well for you

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I never know when someone comments on my poems. I find them by mistake. Thanks again for the kind words.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."