Sugar Beet Jimmy

~Sugar Beet Jimmy~


Sugar Beet Jimmy rode to town on his tractor.

Wanted a loan from Lali, but the seed mill sacked her.

She said "try the club. Ask for Mike."

They wouldn't let him in 'cause he doesn't ride a bike.


Sugar Beet Jimmy was hungry and dry.

Looked around for something else to try.

He saw a "help wanted" picking grapes for wine.

He said "that's not for me. It's just another bad sign."


So, Sugar Beet Jimmy climbed back on his tractor.

Drove back to the farm and his life as a slacker.

Called his bookie and said "I don't fit in. Send me a grand.

Put five bills on Duke. I can't live off the land."









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Interesting story. 

Interesting story. 

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Glad you ound it interesting.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."