When Joe Forgot to Forget

~When Joe Forgot to Forget~

Joe sat down for breakfast with last night's dream of flying clearly

recollected and then the dream of climbing a rock of knowledge
reoccurred and the dream of walking naked
down a city street came along

and the blurry dreams rolled by.

The fraction-of-a-second dreams

flickered across his eye's mind between the completely

out of character and morally outrageous dreams

that caused him to wonder and worry.

Fearful dreams of heights and crimes came through

and then he placed the gun barrel in his mouth,

and as the earth turned a little bit more

the sun shined through the kitchen window

onto Joe's blood and brains

sprayed all over the walls

and his bowl of Shredded Wheat.

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This is very powerful, and

This is very powerful, and the deadpan voice that narrates it makes it all the more shocking by its restraint of emotion and gorey detail.



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Thanks, Starward.

I just now saw your comment. Glad the poem works well for you.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."