The Cabinet Maker's Boat

~The Cabinet Maker's Boat~

His creation
was shaped like a boat,
it had the lines
of a boat,
but the cabinet maker
had no knowledge
of what makes a boat
and when the local salts
told him his boat
wasn't fit to take to sea
the cabinet maker's wife
told him to ignore
those bitter old men,
and ignore them
he did.

As the cabinet maker
prepared to launch his boat,
some of the onlookers,
although aware of the fact that
he had neglected to include ballast,
and zincs, and the proper paint, among
other things, wished him and his wife
"Fair sailing!"
because they were friendly,
and loving,
and the cabinet maker
spent money in their shops.

And when the cabinet maker
with his wife
met the first swell
beyond the harbor,
their boat went down,
and they both drowned,
but the onlookers
felt no shame
because by complimenting
the cabinet maker
and his boat
they were loved.

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