" A Valentine For My Husband, Jim "

A Valentine For Jim

Passion I've had in great measure.

I don't mean to boast nor be bold.

Youth's wild hormonal-like treasure

Seems misspent, so trivially sold.

I find now I value much greater,

The wealth of emotion I find.

My life's day is waning.  It's later,

And something else plays on my mind.

I'm looking for peace and contentment.

I lost that somewhere in my youth.

But found love without bleak resentment.

I need you, and that, Sir, is truth.

There's more joy in sitting here...quiet,

Than ten thousand and ten yesterdays.

I prefer your love's steady diet.

Grow old with me.  Love me and stay.

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Lesa Gay's picture

So very beautiful Jessica. To again experience your words is a great uplift to my heart. Just as magnificent as always. My Love, Lesa

shar's picture

Again, here I am, missy...:) You never cease to amaze me. I'm so glad you critiqued me. It gave me the opportunity to see that there's another woman in this world who truly knows what that tiny little word means...'love'...:)

saiom's picture

most dream of
this legacy
to live by the sea
my lover and me

beautiful poem about Jim and you